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Seletron Chipbox Abarth 124 or Fiat 124

Instant dependable horsepower for you car. Takes about one hour to install.  27hp increase.  FREE UPS ground shipping.

No engine lites or inspection issues. Made in Italy.  TUV approved.




Seletron Chipbox Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio 2.0 liter

Chipbox.   3 year warranty and TUV approved. Hassle-free performance upgrade for your Alfa Romeo.  $564.95 shipped!


Seletron Chipbox for Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio Quadrifoglio

Chipbox for a Giulia/Stelvio Quadrifoglio model will add 58hp.   3 year warranty    TUV approved.   $1129.95 shipped

This comes with 2 Chipboxes since there are 2 turbos on this motor.


Seletron Pedalbooster Connect

Seletron Pedalbooster Connect now with Bluetooth.   $299.95 shipped


Seletron Pedalbooster Touch

Seletron Pedalbooster increases pedal response and eliminates any lag in the pedal feel.  $299.95 shipped