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The ST5F N Carbon Helmet is an evolution from the ST4 FN. It carries the Snell 2010 rating which satisfies almost all US Based racing sanctioning bodies’ requirements for helmet certifications..



Product Description


The shape of the Formula is conducive to use in open and closed cockpit cars. The included Aero kit will optimize airflow over the helmet for open cars.

Available with integrated Electronics and your choice of Air Supply or Hydration, this helmet offers flexibility while maintaining a clean cabin. There are no wires or hoses hanging down below the helmet – everything integrates seamlessly with the shell of the helmet.

Please see the Specifications to learn what all is included with this helmet.

After placing your order, please give us a call so we can set up this helmet exactly the way you want. Some of these options can be installed in multiple locations.

Integrated Radio Options:

  • The integrated electronics jack is positioned far enough away from the HANS post anchor in order to make the use of the jack trouble free even when the HANS is worn.
  • The wiring is all positioned safely and conveniently behind the padding so as to be transparent to the user. There are no hanging wires in the helmet, everything stays put where it is supposed to be.

FIA HANS Posts: Comes with FIA HANS post anchors pre-installed.

Visor Options:

    The ST5 FN Carbon comes with a 3mm clear visor for the absolute best in protection. For spares, you may choose from Clear, Yellow, Smoked and Irridium shields for driving in different lighting circumstances. All Visors mount with four specially machined aluminum fasteners and provide an air-tight seal with the rubber grommet on the helmet.


Optional Hydration System:

  • The ST4 is the first helmet in the world with an available integrated drinking system. Its most significant feature is of course a safety-related one: in an emergency, the driver need not worry about being held up by the hydration system. With a small force, the coupling breaks, leaving the driver free to evacuate the car. For mid-race driver changes, depress the release lever and get out of the car, leaving the hydration system prepared for the next driver.
  • Includes a Silicone rubber hose with a bite valve to be positioned within easy reach, without interfering with the microphone or the optional Air Supply System.
  • There is an valve integrated into the quick coupling that prevents leakage upon disengagement keeping the cockpit dry and messes to a minimum.
  • Optional Hydration bag is available which can be positioned in a convenient and secure location.

Included Air Supply System:

  • Also included is the Air Supply System which provides a steady supply of fresh air to drivers of closed cockpit cars. Many different attachments are available, all of which are integrated into the helmet shell.
  • Either side or top air can be used with this helmet.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a communication system.


Additional Information



Electronics Location

Left (External Mount), Right (External Mount)


Standard No Electronics, Gemtex Mic with IMSA Connector- Add $210.00, Gemtex Mic with Nascar Connector- Add $200.00, Stilo Mic with IMSA Connector- Add $130.00, Stilo Mic with Nascar Connector- Add $130.00, Dual Earbud/Earmuff with Gemtex Mic and IMSA Connector- Add $250.00, Dual Earbud/Earmuff with Gemtex Mic and Nascar Connector- Add $250.00

Ventilation System

Top Air (Sliding Adjuster)- Add $149.00, Top Air (No Adjuster)- Add $119.00, None

Hydration System

None, Left (Vent Port)- Add $31.50, Right (Vent Port)- Add $31.50

Integratred Eject

No, Yes. Add $59.99

Hans Posts

None, Stilo Fia Hans Posts- Add $55.00