About Us

Driving Impressions
Driving Impressions Incorporated has been around since 1983. It started out as an automotive accessory boutique in a mall which became a chain of stores in malls around New Jersey. But who wants to sell floor mats when you could be selling driving suits to the likes of John Andretti and Wayne Taylor? Our relationship with OMP has really given us our niche – exclusive American rights to an absolute top-end line of products. Now all we have to do is keep up with the demand (yipes!). Our continuing mission is to educate racers on the advantages of high-quality safety equipment. We have to make people realize that spending more than the bare minimum on their safety equipment will make them more comfortable in the car, resulting in clearer thinking and faster lap times!

Turn to 2021. What is better than being in a place where you can work on your cars and drive all year around? That’s exactly what we thought! So we packed up and moved down to sunny Bonita Springs Florida!

Our new phone number is now 239-676-5934

The Warehouse and Showroom
Driving Impressions is now located in the beautiful Bernwood Trade Center in Bonita Springs, Florida. We will be uploading pictures of the new place when we finish getting setup, but for now we will show you what helped shape us into the business we are today. Our beloved NJ Showrooom: