Cool Shirt Accessories

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Battery Charger

This item is used to charge your battery kits.(Battery Charger)


Cigarette Lighter Adaptor 12 volt

This item is used to power your cool shirt system from your cigarette lighter port.


Connector: Male Large 5/16

3.04 out of 5

Spare or Replacement Connector.


Connector: Male Small 1/4

spare or replacement connector piece.


COOLSHIRT Connector: Female Large 5/16

This item is used as a spare or replacement female connector


COOLSHIRT Connector: Female Small 1/4

This item is used as a spare or to replace a broken female small (1/4)


COOLSHIRT Female Bulk Head Fitting

This piece is used to replace the the female connector located in side the cooler box.


Dry-Cool Air System (add on)

The DCAS-235 is an add on component that can be added in series to any water cooled system to provide the option of cool air to the helmet.