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Foam Ear Buds w/case

Foam Radio Ear Buds with case.   Free shipping.


Antenna Cable With Variable Thick Surface Mount

Shielded RG58 Co-Axial Antenna Cable With Variable Thick Surface NMO Mount. For Surfaces From 1/8 To 3/4 Thick.


Antenna Cable Thick Surface Mount

Antenna Cable Thick Surface NMO Mount. Shielded RG58 Co-Axial Antenna Cable For Surfaces From 3/16 To 1/4 Thick.


Velcro or Hole mount steering wheel PTT

Two-piece design for Velcro and one piece for Hole-mount. The toughest mount steering wheel PTT in the industry. Solid ABS plastic housing, 1,000,000 cycle sealed red PTT button, and special twisted pair urethane coil cord, and wired with industry standard 3-pin connector.


Phantom® Elite™ Mobile Antenna (White/Black)

3db gain NMO mount antenna. Aerodynamic shark fin design.


Radio Mounting Box

This box is designed to be mounted inside the car to hold and protect your portable radio. It is made out of a rugged poly-carbonate. Includes soft foam to protect radio against vibration. Also includes mounting hardware. The box features a concave on the backside to fit any size rollcage.


Universal NASCAR or IMSA Style Car Harness

Made to fit IMSA or Nascar style helmet kits. Features a tough durable molded Y-block with 6 ft. leads for helmet and push-to-talk. Made for 1/4 inch helmet kits with NASCAR wiring or IMSA wiring. The 5-pin connector allows use with most hand held radios.


Speedcom Pro Short Track Radio System

Complete short track radio system.