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OSLO Silver 2.0 Twin Chronograph & Countdown Timer

Four Timing Options: Event, Lap, Split and Countdown – 1/100 second precision up to 10 hours. 20 times more powerful than other brands!


Oslo Silver 60

A professional quality Stopwatch with 60 Dual Memory, Countdown Timer and Temperature Monitor.


SC-505W Twelve Memory Chrono-Black

Convenience of thoughtful design and engineering—Removable battery hatches for ease of replacement when the time comes. Breakaway Safety Lanyards which promote safe use. Water-Resistance and EL Backlights make them durable and versatile.


SC-606W 50 Memory Chrono & Countdown

Combines the two most desired timing functions: a dual split stopwatch with an advanced countdown timer.

Record up to 1000 finish times with memory recall of the previous 50!


SC-889 Speed and Sport Timer

The World’s Best Motorsports Performance Stopwatch

180 Dual memory Stopwatch—180 Memory Speed Timer in MPH/KPH


SC-899 Triple Timer

Exclusively from Robic, the SC-899 times one, two or three events or participants at once….with a single timer…up to 540 memory recall!

The SC-899 has three (3) fully loaded time keeping modes:

— 180 Memory Stopwatch—-180 Memory Speed Timer in MPH/ KPH —Advanced Countdown Timer