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Dear Customers,

Last November was our 30th year of business and during those 30 years you come to know us as an importer and reseller of quality brands of safety equipment. During that time we did sell fluids like oils and brake fluids but we never sold any “snake oils”. This was something I never believed in and honestly would have been a waste of time for me and waste of money for you. About a year ago I got introduced to EFS Combust by a close friend. This product started out as EFS about 6 years ago as a product that increased mileage and decreased emissions. The product has been sold all over Canada and distributed by Canadian Tire. We saw the potential of EFS and asked the manufacturer to develop a high performance version of it and now we have EFS Combust.

To keep the sales of EFS Combust separate we created a new company MZ Distributing LLC which is owned by Chris Mosley and Bob Zecca. This new entity will be responsible for the sales and distribution of the EFS product line and will be housed at the Driving Impressions location. Chris is a long time EMRA/SCCA racer and former Pfizer executive. Presently he is the RE of NNJR SCCA and very involved politically in racing in the Northeast Division.

What does EFS Combust do?

  • Allows you to run on 87 octane even if your vehicle requires 93 or 100 octane. You save money $$$ at the pump!
  • Increases your mileage 10-13% You save more $$$
  • Increases POWER and TORQUE! We have seen increases of 5% in horsepower just by adding EFS Combust on 87 octane.
  • NO NEED for 93 octane!!
  • Lowers emmissions. If you live in a state that is hard to pass state emmissions……..TRY THIS!
  • Lowers EGT…..Exhaust Gas Temperatures which will prolong engine life.

Where can you use EFS Combust?

  • EVERYWHERE Street car, race car, SUV, Tow Vehicle even works with Diesel vehicles too! This can be used on any vehicle that runs on gas or diesel fuel regardless of octane.

How does EFS Combust work?

  • EFS Combust is NOT an octane booster.
  • EFS Combust changes the molecular makeup of the fuel so that it burns 99.9 of the fuel without any wasted fuel. This is where the power, torque and mileage comes from. It also raises the BTU of the fuel.

I am not a chemist so instead of me giving you a sales pitch I have copied the following statement for you to read so you have a
better understanding of what makes this work unlike anything you have ever seen.
Another way to describe how our EFS works is EFS achieves catalytic changes that modify the stoichiometric point in the fuel, allowing a leaner combustion, and optimizing the power extracted per unit of fuel. There are minor but relevant molecular changes that change burning properties and ease by which BTUs can be extracted from the fuel.

As an example , It seems illogical that platinum when heated can extract water from exhaust, but a catalytic reaction takes nominal energy and can trigger significant results. This is how a catalytic converter reduces pollutants.

Our product is seemingly as benign as the piece of platinum. We will not explain exactly how we do what we do for very logical competitive reasons as we want to keep some trade secrets to ourselves.

The fact is newer modern gasoline engines are getting more efficient at burning almost all the fuel put into the combustion chamber. They are Using exhaust gas re-circulation and engine control units that assist the engines to burn the fuel better and with less emissions than ever before. That being said, the engines are still plagued with computers that will run them rich. They use lean burn settings for the injectors and control the timing to optimize the performance.

The question to ask is, Are the engines so good that we can get rid of the catalytic converter ? I think not , in fact they are efficient not by design, but by crutch. They use the EGR and the catalytic converter, the O2 sensors, and on the fly air/fuel mixing, to get the engine to try and burn as much of the fuel to achieve low emissions.

Our product works much like some of the current fuel modification technologies work. Catalytic modification of fuel to achieve key properties is well known, and such products have been available and used successfully for years. The complexity of the fuel business and the cost of selling additives means that only the largest consumers of the roughest fuels used these additives first. Shipping fleet operators have been dealing with additives for decades in order to improve fuel performance and reduce pollution.

Given the the economic pressures to reduce fuel cost , the opportunity is now here for EFS to shine brightly. Get Better Performance, Reduce Emissions, Get more Torque, get more Horse Power , Get more Mileage..

The above was written by Rique Ford who is not only the owner of EFS but the inventor as well. Hopefully you have a better understanding of how EFS Combust works. I can tell you this it works! I told you in the beginning of this email I never sold a “snake oil” and I honestly had my doubts about this product but I have tried it in 4 different personal vehicles ranging from a Ford F350 diesel dually with a 7.3 liter motor to a 84 Ferrari 308. All my vehicles except for the truck run on 93 octane. Now they run on 87 and get better mileage and power. I put 87 octane in the Ferrari…..lugged it in 4th gear uphill at 50 and ZERO PINGING….. Chris has been using it faithfully for the last 3 months on his Porsche Cayman using 87 octane and getting about a 10% increase in mpg. This stuff works on all vehicles. The rule of thumb is 1 ounce for 15 gallons. On all modern cars with an ECU you must use 2 ounces for the first 15 gallons and then 1 ounce thereafter. YOU WILL NOT SEE A CHANGE until the 3rd tank. The ECU must get use to the product and then you are set.

Not only did I try the product for myself but I saw dyno tests from people who I know and respect in the racing world. Here is a video done at the shop of Joe Acquilante of Phoenix Performance. They specialize in Corvettes and have won some SCCA National Championships over the years so they know a thing or two about performance and as you can see by the video they too were very skeptical. They took a stock 2007 Corvette and ran it on 93 octane and NO PRODUCT. They got about 300.20HP. Then after running the car on a tank or so they went back on the dyno using 87 octane and EFS Combust and got 310.44HP and the torque went up in the mid-range. THIS IS AMAZING…..JUST BY USING THIS PRODUCT AND 87 OCTANE. Take a look for yourself: Please copy link and put into your browser if it does not work.

Recently Grassroots Motorsports magazine did a test on this product since they were going to push it in ads in their magazine. Tim Suddard who is a true motorsports fanatic wanted to see for himself it it worked so they rented a 2012 Ford Fiesta or Focus and brought it to Superchips who has a dyno. The people at Superchips told Tim he was wasting his time……lol The car stock is like 100HP. They got a 5HP increase and 6 pounds of torque. This car requires 87 octane and they ran 87 octane in the test but still…..this is a 5% gain!!! You will see in the coming months a story about this dyno test and the results they found. GRM is now a believer as well. My point is all the people that you may know like Phoenix or GRM have been around for 30 years or so like myself and we believe in this product and now MZ Distributing LLC is selling this product.

EFS Combust comes in a 5 ounce and 15 ounce bottle. The 5 ounce is $20 and the 15 ounce is $55. You can also also buy by the case. The 5 ounce comes 36 bottles to the case which would be $720 per case but you can have for 10% off or $648 and Free shipping. The 15 ounce comes 12 bottles to the case which would be $660 per case but you can have for 10% off or $594 per case and Free shipping.

I realize you will have many questions about this product but I urge you to try it because I assure you that you will buy this the rest of your life. You will save a ton of money on fuel and get power. Everyone who runs HPDE events will kick butt on track as will race cars…..Remember no need for 100 octane RACE FUEL!!!! NEVER!! You will save $100 or more a weekend by not having to buy race fuel any longer. On 12.5 compression or higher you must use 1 ounce per 7 gallons for the best results.

You may reach me at 973-361-0508 or call Chris at 973-723-8069 to order or with your questions. This year we will be sponsoring the SCCA Northeast Divisional Series as well at the BMW CCA Club Racing Endurance Series. We want to get the word out there and prove that this stuff works. In 30 years I have NEVER pushed a bad product on the market and I will not start now! Please try this product and you will soon be hooked.

Bob Zecca
MZ Distributing LLC