NEW PRODUCT.  Fits under your helmet to cool your head. Must be used in conjunction with Cool Shirt cooler.


Product Description

The long awaited Cool-A-Clava has entered the production phase and we will have product at the beginning of next week. This product is designed to insert up into the user’s helmet and connect in line with their COOLSHRT to provide head cooling. The Cool-A-Clava will come with a 36” lead, one male connector fitting and one female connector fitting which will allow the user to run it down and connect it to their COOLSHIRT. The user will connect the female connector of the Cool-A-Clava to one of the male connectors from their COOLSHIRT. The male connector on the Cool-A-Clava and the other male connector on the COOLSHIRT will then connect to the female connectors on their hose. If a customer would like to use the Cool-A-Clava by itself it can be ordered with two male connector fittings. This will allow it to plug directly into our hose without needing a COOLSHIRT. Each user will be able to use their own method to secure the Cool-A-Clava inside of their helmet. We recommend using double sided tape or Velcro. Both of these methods will allow the user remove the Cool-A-Clava should they need to

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4 in