DNA Racing Components Motorsport Spacers

Product Description

This kit has been expecially design for Motorsport and for who use the vehicle on the track. Made in high tensile carbon steel, they will keep their characteristic when subjected to high temperature and tensions. 

The studs+nuts solution, compared to the classis nuts+bolts solutionis very common in Motorsport that allows a more efficient and quickchange of the wheel.The wheel spacers are used to increase the vehicle track values.Increasing the track will add stability and will give to the car a more aggressive look.Changing the track value on a single axle will change the behavior of the vehicle making it more under steering or over steering.In general, increasing track value on the front axle will increase under steering, increasing the rear track value will increase over steering. Our wheel spacers,studs and nuts kits include a pair of spacers and all the nuts necessary for the modification.

Standard wheel bolts ES 17 M12 – 1.5 – 22 60° conical

Applications: FIAT 500 – Abarth included (2007>)

Materials: The spacers are made in aluminum alloy, studs and nuts in high tensile carbon steel