EFS Combust 15 oz

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Product Description

EFS Combust is the best fuel additive that you can use in any engine. It breaks down fuel which makes it burn more evenly inside your engine. Not only does it increase your MPG but it also gives a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque. Most fuel additives or octane boosters claim that they increase horsepower and most of the time it’s not true. But EFS Combust is nothing like the competition, it is DYNO PROVEN! Independent tests have been performed by Grassroots Motorsports magazine and Phoenix Performance tuning company that prove these claims.

  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Reduction in operating temperatures
  • Reduction in emissions

EFS Combust Gas fuel additive


  • The EFS Combust Gas Additive reformulates and shortens the hydrocarbon chains in the fuel.
  • Stops the deterioration of rubber gas lines, fuel pump diaphragms, carburetor gaskets.
  • Combustion temperatures are reduced by an average of 10%.
  • The improved combustion produces a measurable increase in horsepower and torque in mid range of the power band. Dyno proven
  • Helps reduce emissions, nitrogen oxide, plus unburned hydrocarbons are significantly reduced. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide see moderate reductions. These reductions in emissions, combined with the cooler operating temperature reduces heat signature and wear on critical engine components
  • Independent laboratories have verified an increase in lubricity of 8% reducing wear and providing for greater intervals between engine overhauls. Makes the fuel perform like it has lead in the fuel needed for older vehicles.