Seletron Chipbox Abarth 124 or Fiat 124

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Instant dependable horsepower for you car. Takes about one hour to install.  28hp increase.  FREE UPS ground shipping.

No engine lites or inspection issues. Made in Italy.  TUV approved. The units have an internal trimmer that allows you to increase or decrease hp from the stock setting.

Now available in a Bluetooth model for an additional $90.00.





Product Description

CHIPBOX® TURBO PETROL is a programmable additional control unit for turbo petrol engines. This unit is able to manage multiple aspects of the engine, such as turbo pressure, the amount of fuel, and also ignition timing.

CHIPBOX® TURBO PETROL comes pre-programmed for the vehicle intended to be installed, including quick cable harness, illustrated manual and a programming software to customize the map (available on request). Three-years warranty coverage.

Chipbox Benzina by Seletron


Up to 30% in performance improvement with the proper management in fueling as well as turbo pressure (*95 RON).


Thanks to the increased torque and engine performance higher fuel consumption is reduced by up to 10%.


With the dedicated software you can change the mapping of your CHIPBOX®, even on the road. (For dealers only)

turbo lag

Thanks to the optimization in significant levels of torque increased, turbo lag is reduced dramatically.

quick & easy

The original wiring harness of the vehicle does not have to be modified in any way which makes installation simple

made in italy

CHIPBOX® has been designed and manufactured with all the requirements for safety, according to the TÜV electromagnetic compatibility.




CHIPBOX® WIRELESS is a practical wireless remote control that allows to turn on and off the additional device installed in your car without reaching it manually. It is possible to bring CHIPBOX® Wireless in your car and switch on the device when you want through the red button located on the remote control.  This is an option.

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