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Karting Neck Collar

2.65 out of 5

TeamDI Karting Neck Collars, Nylon.   Available in red or blue.   Free ground shipping.


Molecule Care Kit

2.73 out of 5

Get the newest thing in motor sports safety: The MoleculeTM Technical Fabric Care System. It’s the right way to care for Nomex® and other technical fabrics.


Molecule Spot Cleaner

2.54 out of 5

Penetrates deeply into Nomex® fabric to dissolve and suspend tough spots and stains that can create combustible hot spots.


Molecule Refresher

2.94 out of 5

Keeps suits and helmets fresh over long racing weekends and between washings. Contains an anti-microbial agent to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors.


Molecule Wash

2.83 out of 5

16 oz Pour Bottle
Effectively cleans Nomex® fabric in standard washing machines. Removes contaminants that can degrade fabric performance. Antimicrobial agent inhibits the growth of bacterial odors.


Molecule Protector

2.77 out of 5

16 oz Trigger Spray Bottle
Bonds to Nomex® fabric to help repel flammable stains. Maintains breathability. Helps keep colors vibrant by shielding UV rays.


Bieffe Shields

Bieffe Shields. Clear, Dark Smoke, Blue and Silver iridium.


Delta 6

3.03 out of 5

The Delta 6 is a medium gauntlet glove constructed with two layers of Nomex knit, grey suede used in the palm and fingers, a padded knuckle and an extra layer of leather in the palm in high wear areas. Available in Small and Medium.


Mechanics Gloves

TeamDI Mechanics gloves are perfect for home and track use.



TeamDI Nomex Balaclava

2.22 out of 5

TeamDI Nomex Balaclava, Single Layer, Single Eye hole.


ESS Fire Suppression Systems: 5.0 Liter AFFF System

2.88 out of 5

This system is a 3-zone system, ideal for the engine, driver and fuel cell in case of a fire. The 5.0 system comes with 4 nozzles, two nozzles for the engine, one nozzle for the driver and one for the fuel cell. You can also add an additional 2 nozzles to


ESS Fire Suppression Systems: 2.3L AFFF System

This is a 2-zone Fire System and offers protection for 2 zones in case of a fire. Suggested zones would be the engine and driver. This system comes with 3 nozzles, 2 nozzles for the engine, one nozzle for the driver. If you are looking for a 3-zone system