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TEAMDI Helmet/Hans bag. $49.95/$59.95 shipped.
This bag allows you to safely carry your helmet and Hans in one bag. Not only is it padded but it has Hans shaped padding and a cover to separate the helmet from the Hans. It comes with a sturdy handle and back pack straps. Stows easily in an overhead bin on a plane.

Write to bob@teamdi.com for a quote on quantity needed. Include your logo as a jpg file.


HANS fixed tether kit

2.86 out of 5

Replacement set of fixed tethers for use with Post Anchor helmet attachments.


HANS Tether, Quick Click

2.81 out of 5

The HANS Quick Click sliding tether upgrade has been designed to allow both unlimited freedom of movement.
Only works with HANS Quick Clip attachments and DOES NOT INCLUDE ATTACHMENTS.


HANS Padding, Contour

Air and foam shoulder padding kit
Black nomex sock standard
Easily position pad or void area over problem comfort zones
Greater comfort solves most collar bone issues


HANS Padding, Gel

2.94 out of 5

Accessory gel padding for HANS Devices.
Includes two shoulder pads.
Fits medium and large devices only.
Soft medical gel pad may address comfort concerns, especially from those with a ridge where a broken collar bone has healed.


HANS Padding, Foam

2.92 out of 5

Replacement foam padding for HANS Devices.
Includes two shoulder pads.
Fits medium and large devices only.
Foam padding is standard on all devices and works well for 95% of our customers.


HANS anchors, Quick Click

2.8 out of 5

Quick Click (TM) helmet mounted attachment allows instant connect or disconnect. Works with sliding or fixed tethers. Tethers sold separately.


HANS anchors, Pro

et of two professional HANS helmet anchors.
As furnished with all professional HANS Devices.
Pro anchors have aluminum bases available in several colors.
Converts one helmet for use with a HANS Device.


HANS anchors, Standard

Set of two standard HANS post anchors.
Attaches one HANS Device to one helmet.
As fitted standard on all Sport kits.


HANS Sliding Tether kit

2.87 out of 5

Breakthrough HANS Vision Advantage Plus tether system allows full range of head motions for unlimited side to side vision
Can be retrofit to any HANS Device every made
Kit for converting one HANS Device to sliding tether system