AiM RPM Bridge (SMC Bridge)

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AiM RPM Bridge (SMC Bridge)

This kit allows you to connect your AiM SmartyCam (sold separately) to display and log RPM on any car — even without an ECU or an AiM data logger! Simply connect the RPM Bridge to the wiring in your vehicle. The Bridge then connects to the standard SmartyCam CAN cable, allowing you to overlay RPM data on your videos. The RPM Bridge can accept a square wave signal (from an ECU) or a pulsed signal (from a standard ignition coil). It also has a built-in signal filter to “clean up” unstable RPM signals that can cause erratic readings.

The RPM Bridge can also be used to supply the RPM signal to an AiM display (MXL Display, G-Dash Display, or Formula Car Wheel).

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