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MXL Strada

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MXL2 Data Acquisition

MXL2 is the new AiM dashlogger designed to acquire and display data coming from your ECU, the internal accelerometer and gyro, as well as from the GPS module included in the kit, analog/digital inputs and predefined math channels.
Performance and data acquired can also be incremented adding up to eight expansion modules.  $1999 including free shipping


Aim SmartyCam GP

The SmartyCam in a bullet version for use in Formula cars or external use situations. Free UPS ground.


Aim SmartyCam HD

SmartyCam HD has been designed for motorsports, by people exactly like you, who have spent their life on the track. SmartyCam HD was designed with a single purpose: providing great videos that include all the technical information that will help you improve your performance. All this comes in the most robust and reliable system ever. Free UPS ground.


AiM Solo2DL Onboard lap time NEW!

NEW AIM Solo2 DL    $699    Free UPS ground shipping.


AIM Solo2

Top selling GPS Lap Timer in the industry. FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING!



2.71 out of 5

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