AiM SoloDL On-Board Lap Timer, CAN / RS232 ECU Wiring

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AiM SoloDL On-Board Lap Timer, CAN / RS232 ECU Wiring

Never forget your beacon again! The SoloDL on-board lap timer from AiM uses GPS technology to start and stop lap times at the start/finish line, with no external equipment required. But the SoloDL goes much further than just a lap timer, logging all of the GPS data (and engine ECU data) for analysis and track mapping.

If you are racing at an established track in AiM’s extensive worldwide database, the SoloDL will recognize the track when you get there. It already knows where the start/finish line is! If you are racing at a new or temporary track, just take the SoloDL unit to the starting line (and finish line, if different) and press a button. That’s it! (You can also assign start, finish, and split points in Race Studio 2.)

You can customize the backlit LCD display with up to 4 different pages to scroll through, with up to 4 fields per page (speed, lap time, predictive lap time, running lap time, lap number, etc). You can even use SoloDL to test performance in the 1/4 mile, 0-60 mph, and acceleration. Connect the SoloDL to your vehicle’s CAN RS232 Port and the SoloDL will also log engine information such as RPM, throttle position, and more. You can also connect the SoloDL to your AiM SmartyCam to monitor camera functions on the timer.

Lap times, speed, acceleration, position, and engine data (if connected) are all stored in the 16MB onboard non-volatile memory for later download and analysis via the Race Studio 2 software. Using Race Studio 2, you can see track mapping, acceleration and braking, and more!

The compact (98mm x 78mm x 30mm / 3.9″ x 3.1″ x 1.2″) SoloDL is small and light enough to mount to any (non-airbag) steering wheel (weighs less than 8 ounces). A steel mounting bracket is supplied, and 2 powerful rare earth magnets in the back of the SoloDL hold on to the bracket. This allows quick and easy removal for setting start lines, split points, or even use in multiple vehicles.

Kit includes SoloDL timer with rechargeable battery, mounting bracket, USB cable, cable for ECU connection via CAN or RS232, AC/USB charging adapter, and Race Studio 2 software.