Hammers and Chisels

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37PM Cape Chisel, Ribbed Type with Hand Guard

Ribbed cape chisel with hand guard.


37 Cape Chisels Ribbed Type

Ribbed type cape chisels.


36 Cape Chisels

Cape chisels.


35PM Flat Chisels, Ribbed Type with Hand Guards

Ribbed flat chisels with hand guards.


35 Flat Chisels, Ribbed Type

Ribbed type flat chisels.


34 Flat Chisels

Flat chisels.


1392 Dead-Blow Hammers, with Interchangeable Plastic Faces, Steel Shafts

Dead-blow hammers, with interchangeable plastic faces, steel shafts.


1390 Soft Face Hammers, Wooden Shafts

Soft face hammer with wooden shafts.


1385 Copper Head Hammers with Wooden Shafts

Copper head hammers with wooden shafts.


1370T Mechanic’s Hammers Fibre Shaft

Mechanic’s hammer with fiber shaft.


1370 Engineer’s Hammer, Wooden Shaft

Engineer’s hammer with wooden shaft.