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Beta Tools 96BP INOX/B7 Set of 7 Ball Head Offset Hexagon Key Wrenches in Plastic Case made of Stainless Steel

set of 7 offset hexagon key wrenches,
made of stainless steel,
in wallet
​2,5-3-4-5-6-8-10 mm

96BPINOX​ Ball head offset hexagon key wrenches

​• High resistance to corrosion
​• Outstanding mechanical characteristics
• Avoids improper rust
​• Ball head makes it possible to work at angle of up to 30° to screw axis
​• For tightening use short side, if possible


42INOX/SC9 Beta Tools Set of 9 combination wrenches made of stainless steel with compact support

● Compact support
● Handy and easy to carry
● Quickly identified wrench size
● Wrenches safely locked into support


73 Small double open end wrenches

Small double open end wrenches


55MP Double open end wrenches bright chrome-plated

Double open end wrenches, bright chrome-plated