AiM MXL Pista to MXL 2-MXG-MXS Adapter Harness

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Product Description

AiM MXL Pista to MXL 2-MXG-MXS Adapter Harness

Upgrade from an MXL Pista or Strada dash to the latest MXL 2 or MXG dash quickly and easily with this adapter harness

This special harness has one 22-pin and one 37-pin Deutsch connector to plug into the back of the MXL 2 or MXG dash. The other end of the harness has female connectors designed to accept your current MXL wiring harness. You won’t have to cut wires, re-run cables, or even unplug your sensors! Simply disconnect the two rectangular AMP connectors from the back of your MXL and plug them into this harness. Your lap timing receiver and anything plugged into the CAN port can be connected to the harness as well. This harness also provides connections for speed inputs 2-4, 3 CAN inputs, and CAN/K-line ECU wiring, for full access to all of the advanced features of the MXL 2 and MXG.

Not compatible with MXL Pro or MXL Pro05 wiring harness

owners note: AiM also makes an adapter harness specifically to replace the MXL dash in your car. The AiM Radical MXL to MXL 2 Adapter Harness connects your wiring harness to the MXL 2, but without adding any extra connectors.

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